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The Atlantis Fragments The Atlantis Fragments

Donald Sidney-Fryer’s massive, 550-page poetry omnibus is the most elaborate book ever published by Hippocampus Press. Its color frontispiece, printed end papers, profusion of interior illustrations, Smythe sewn signatures and illustrated dust wrapper destine it to be a collector’s item. This hardcover omnibus presents the collected edition of the trilogy SONGS AND SONNETS ATLANTEAN in a limited edition of 300 copies.

"These poems are of an unearthly beauty. They celebrate love, beauty, and humanity; and yet throughout many of them is a consciousness of impending apocalypse. The imagery, lush, exotic, full of colors and magic names, is a welcome relief from the sterile, prosaic poetry of today. If you enjoy tripping on language, this book is for you. Whether the poems really are from the Atlantean or whether they are the creations of poet Sidney-Fryer, they deserve to be read and experienced."
-- Charles K. Wolfe

"Sidney-Fryer is, in a very strong sense, a traditionalist; his creations, superlatively original as they are, yet give us a powerful feeling of continuity with our own past and culture; they make us see ... the ideals that moved us when we were less “secure” and more human: adventure, love of life, and above all, the intricate beauty of a world long vanished - yet not vanished, if only we had eyes to see."
-- Richard L. Tierney

"Sidney-Fryer has created, in his fictional Atlantis, an entire civilization and a body of absorbing literature. The book should appeal to lovers of poetry, to devotees of science fiction, and to those who admire writers who can fashion a realistic world from the materials of mythology and speculation."
-- Earl J. Dias

"Mr. Fryer is a profound student of Clark Ashton Smith, and the influence shows, but he is very much his own poet, and he structures and plays with a surety and deftness which is remarkable."
-- Gahan Wilson

"A delightful book of verse - purportedly fragments of poetry from the lost Empire of Atlantis - that is very much in the tradition of Spenser’s Faerie Queene. A work that reflects a glittering imagination and no mean talent."
-- James Gorski

The Atlantis Fragments.- New York: Hippocampus Press, 2008.- 562 p. ISBN 978-0-9793806-3-1. 55$.

Covert artwork by Gordon R. Barnett. Cover design by Lance Alexander. All rights reserved.
Interior illustrations by Lance Alexander and William Boddy.

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The Sorcerer Departs (3rd edition) The Sorcerer Departs: Clark Ashton Smith (1893-1961)

Clark Ashton Smith, best known today for his association with H.P. Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos, stands as one of the most fascinating literary figures of his time. Poet and translator, heir and upholder of the California Romantics, creator of new poetical forms of expression, he was also a major founder of modern fantasy through his notable and original contributions to the pulp magazines of the 1930's. Smith was also a self-taught artist whose paintings, drawings and sculptures reflect the phantasmagoric worlds of his fiction.

The Sorcerer Departs, first published in 1963, is widely considered not only the first but still the best bio-critical essay on the life and works of Clark Ashton Smith. This newly expanded and revised edition of Donald Sidney-Fryer's classic study, not only serves as an excellent introduction to the writings of the Bard of Auburn, but is also an indispensable cornerstone in the library of every CAS scholar.

Foreword of the publisher (Philippe Gindre), p. 5.
A biography of Clark Ashton Smith, p. 9.
Some general remarks on Smith’s poetry and prose, p. 38.
The Sorcerer Departs, p. 48.
Cycles (Clark Ashton Smith), p. 57.
Afterword, p. 58.
Clark Ashton Smith: a selective bibliography, p. 60.
About Donald Sidney-Fryer, p. 61.
Donald Sidney-Fryer: a bibliography, p. 64.

Cover art: Patrick Mallet.

ISBN 978-2-908254-54-9.
13 x 20 cm (5.12 x 7.87 in.). 84 p.

Price: 10 Euros.

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Silver Key Press

The Sorcerer Departs is also at Amazon.fr

Clark Ashton Smith, poete en prose Clark Ashton Smith, poète en prose

   French translation of Donald Sidney-Fryer's article: «Clark Ashton Smith, Poet in Prose».

   French summary:

Les poèmes en prose de Clark Ashton Smith (1893-1961), constituent un exemple unique dans la littérature contemporaine de perpétuation et d'enrichissement d'un genre littéraire initié au XIXe siècle par Aloysius Bertrand dans Gaspard de la Nuit, Charles Baudelaire dans les Petits poèmes en prose ou Arthur Rimbaud dans Les Illuminations. Ces quelques exemples, parmi les plus marquants, ont sans doute contribué à déterminer l'intérêt et l'attachement de Smith pour la littérature d'expression française. On ne saurait pourtant limiter au seul domaine francophone les inspirateurs de son oeuvre: on sait l'influence déterminante que l'oeuvre d'Edgar Poe eut sur Baudelaire; on découvre ici les affinités stylistiques et thématiques subtiles existant entre les poèmes en prose de Poe et ceux du poète californien; les multiples échos dans les poèmes en prose de Smith d'oeuvres plus anciennes comme les étonnants traités scientifiques et mythologiques de Sir Thomas Browne; ou encore les relations de Smith avec les Romantiques Californiens, ce mouvement littéraire du début du XXe siècle au sein duquel s'illustrèrent brillamment George Sterling ou Nora May French. À la lumière de ces relations complexes, Donald Sidney-Fryer livre enfin une analyse remarquable de cette magie noire incantatoire que le Barde d'Auburn tenta, sa vie durant, de mettre en pratique afin d'exprimer ce sentiment d'altérité, cette "nostalgie du pays qu'on ignore, cette angoisse de la curiosité" dont nous parlait déjà Baudelaire dans son "Invitation au voyage".

Donald Sidney-Fryer, qui a rencontré Smith peu de temps avant sa mort, a entrepris dans les années qui ont suivi le décès du poète de faire paraître son oeuvre chez Arkham House. Pour en apprendre davantage sur Clark Ashton Smith, il existe en anglais un site incoutournable The Eldritch Dark. En français, on pourra visiter Klarkash-Ton, consacré essentiellement pour l'instant à la bibliographie française de Smith.

Clark Ashton Smith, poète en prose.- Translated by Philippe Gindre.- Dole, France: La Clef d'Argent, 2008.- 60 p. ISBN 2-908254-63-1. 5€.

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La Clef d'Argent

Songs & Sonnets Atlantean III Songs & Sonnets Atlantean - The Third Series

With the Third Series (the final one) of Songs and Sonnets Atlantean, an unique poetic experiment comes to an end:
a deliberate and sustained extension (begun in March of 1961, completed in March of 2005, and thus covering a span of 44 years) from the poetic output achieved by the California Romantics, that group of poets headed by Ambrose Bierce but embodied primarily in George Sterling, Nora May French, and Clark Ashton Smith.

To accomplish this development in a worthwhile and innovative manner, Donald Sidney-Fryer--taking his inspiration from the myth-making example of Edmund Spenser and his unique epic The Faerie Queene--has purposely revived and cultivated the Spenserian stanza and the Spenserian sonnet, combining from them a new form, the Spenserian stanza-sonnet, a major traditionalist but modern prosodic innovation.

However, Sidney-Fryer has achieved his own objective not only through his own original poems, as well as his translations from the French, but above all by translating into English the largest group of poems (in verse or in prose) ever made available from the ancient language of Atlantis, and thus through the unique recension of these texts by the French Renaissance poet Michel de Labretagne.

Songs & Sonnets Atlantean  - The Third Series.- Los Angeles, CA: Phosphor Lantern Press, 2005.- 244 p. ISBN 1-932983-58-9. 20.95$.

Covert art by Cynthia Goldstone. Cover design by Lance Alexander. All rights reserved.

This book may ordered from Gavinicuss Books:

The Hashish-Eater and Other Poems The Hashish-Eater and Other Poems

Audio CD: six fantastic poems by Clark Ashton Smith performed by Donald Sidney-Fryer


 The Hashish-Eater (1920)   48:40 [listen]
 Soliloquy in an Ebon Tower (1950) 8:29 
 O Golden-Tongued Romance (1950) 3:16 
 Song of the Necromancer (1937) 2:37 [listen]
 Cycles (1961) 1:37 
 The Sorcerer Departs (1944) 1:05 [listen]

The Hashish-Eater recorded by Ronald S. Hilger in 1994. All other tracks recorded on 21 March 2004 by Perry M. Grayson in Los Angeles, California using the Roland VS-840GX Digital Studio Workstation and a Shure Beta SM57 microphone. Mixed 28 March & 4 April 2004 by Perry M. Grayson using Soundforge 6.0. Copyright © 2004 by Donald Sidney-Fryer. Digital duplication & design by Philippe Gindre. Permission to reproduce the selected texts of poetry by Clark Ashton Smith used on this recording has been granted by CASiana, the Estate of Clark Ashton Smith, & by Arkham House. Total running time approx. 66 mn.


Opposite: C.A.Smith at the age of 19 - photo taken by Bianca Conti, all rights reserved.

This cd is now sold out.

Gaspard de la Nuit Gaspard de la Nuit (1842) by Aloysius Bertrand (1807-1841)
Foreword, afterword and notes by Donald Sidney-Fryer

 Aloysius Bertrand's classic text of poetic and fantastic literature is presented in an entirely new translation by Donald Sidney-Fryer.

 This edition also includes extensive and definitive foreword, afterword and notes by Sidney-Fryer, as well as reproductions of 18 illustrations by Bertrand himself. The cover is by celebrated artist Gahan Wilson.

 An unique opus beloved by Sainte-Beuve, Baudelaire, Mallarmé, Maurice Ravel, André Breton, and other leading artists, Sidney-Fryer's translation and presentation represents a modern poet's labor of love on behalf of a genius innovator who created the modern poème en prose, but who died young before he could achieve much beyond this one little book.

Gaspard de la Nuit.- Encino, CA: Black Coat Press, 2004.- ISBN 0-9740711-2-9. 20.95$.

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Black Coat Press

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Songs & Sonnets Atlantean II Songs & Sonnets Atlantean - The Second Series

 Thirty-two years after the publication of his first collection, Donald Sidney-Fryer has published a new collection of sonnets.

Songs & Sonnets Atlantean  - The Second Series.- Holicong, PA: Wildside Press, 2003.- 156 p. ISBN 1-59224-148-4. 15$.

This book may ordered directly from the publisher:


Or from Gavinicuss Books:

The Sorcerer Departs (2nd edition) Clark Ashton Smith: The Sorcerer Departs


Introduction: "In Tsathoggua's Domain" by Perry M. Grayson, p.5.
A Biography of Clark Ashton Smith, p.6.
Some General Remarks on Smith's Poetry & Prose, p.23.
The Sorcerer Departs, p.29.
Afterword, p.36.

Cover art by Robert H. Knox. All rights reserved.

Clark Ashton Smith: The Sorcerer Departs.- Tsathoggua Press, 6442 Pat Ave., West Hills, California 91307, USA, 1997.- 38 p. ISBN 1-887968-05-9. 7$.

This chapbook is now out of print. A new revised edition is available.

Songs & Sonnets Atlantean Songs & Sonnets Atlantean

   Donald Fryer's first book embodies the first extensive selection of Atlantean poems translated into English--even if only through the French of the Renaissance Atlantologist, Michel de Labretagne. Dr. Ibid Massachusetts Andor, the premier Atlantologist in today's world, rightly hails this collection as a major contribution to Plato's Atlantis Myth.
To do justice to the original poetic forms in Atlantean, the translator has not only revived the Spenserian stanza but has also innovated a special form, the Spenserian stanza-sonnet, based upon both the Spenserian stanza and the Spenserian sonnet.
   Now retired and resident in the Azores for many years, Dr. Andor has provided an erudite and informative introduction, together with a concluding section of notes. These notes and Mr. Fryer's translations evoke the strange, opulent, and unforgettable pageant of the last days of the Empire of Atlantis, a world overwhelmed by the Great Cataclysm, circa 13,000 B. C.
   Upon these translations, the result of almost a decade of sustained labor, Donald Fryer as poet and scholar has brought to bear the fruits of a varied career in life and literature. The present volume also includes translations just from the French, as well as a selection of original poems expressly written for it.

Songs & Sonnets Atlantean.- Sauk City, Wisconsin: Arkham House, 1971.- xxx-136 p.- 2000 copies.- Printed by The Collegiate Press, George Banta Company, Inc., Menasha, Wisconsin.- Composé en Linotype Garamond on Winnebago Eggshell.- bound in Holliston Black Novelex.

Opposite: the jacket, fashioned after an original design invented by the author, is the work of the Denver artist Gordon R. Barnett. © 1971 Arkham House. All rights reserved. No unauthorized reproduction.

This book is now out of print, but it may be possible to purchase a second hand copy at a reasonable price on:


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